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Business Philosophy
We over me
Nalukataq, commonly known as blanket toss, is a tradition of the Inupiaq Eskimos of Northern Alaska, held after the spring whale-hunting season to celebrate a successful hunting season. It was originated from a ceremony to look for quarries far away. In this ceremony, a person with the brightest eyesight is thrown high in the air from a blanket made of seal skins.
The person being tossed up with the help of others is able to gain a wider field of vision that others cannot have. The person can see vast snow-covered fields, the distant horizon and quarries that will feed the village.

We over me,
In business, the cooperation that “we” make is very similar to Nalukataq. Our experience proves that only when outstanding capability of an individual or one innovative technology is tossed high in the air with cooperative effort can we achieve a vision of higher value.
Making new values through technology, we at TECHNOVALUE cultivate knowledge as experts, respect each other’s ideas and encourage and collaborate to realize those ideas. We relentlessly devote ourselves to become No. 1 in the field, as well as to fulfill our responsibility and duty as dignified members of society through the work we do. We will do our utmost for the businesses and contents we throw high in the air—through collective effort—so that they may lead us to new future opportunities and add positive values to the world.
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About Company
CEO Greetings
We are on the verge of a takeoff to a new economic growth. In the rapidly changing industrial ecosystem amid the 4th industrial revolution, competing countries around the world are making great advances and raising voices for national interests. In Korea, however, while the urgency and significance of keeping pace with such change may be recognized, it is not easy to take off so-called “old clothes” and put on “new clothes.” Without doubt the government’s support that corresponds to the needs of the industry seeking to change along with the trend, and collaboration among enterprises, the government and individuals are needed more than ever.
TECHNOVALUE not only operates promising “future businesses,” but also develops and offers various solutions that will help clients, ranging from enterprises, governments to individuals, who are planning out future businesses. We constantly look for ways to provide consulting or design and share educational programs and other contents for future business based on our diverse experience accumulated over 20 years.
“It takes a village to raise a child.”
The business world is no different. Experts at TECHNOVALUE with various business experience in public and private sectors wholeheartedly cooperate with one another to actualize every business idea. With our 20 years of knowhow, we approach clients with flexibility to be able to actively respond to forthcoming changes and creative solutions derived from collective intelligence.
We, at TECHNOVALUE, will continue to engage in a close collaboration and adapt to the changes in the business ecosystem with agility so as to maintain pride and excellence as the industry’s No. 1 company. We will always be there for the government offices, enterprises and individuals who read the changing trends of the world and desire to find new engines for growth.

Yooncheol Lim
Our consulting
over 20 years
2015 -
CEO Yooncheol Lim appointed to Presidential Council on Intellectual Property
Designated as Engineering Service Provider (ESP), signed MOU with Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce
Designated as company to recruit specialist research staffs as replacement for military service, awarded by the Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning
Selected as Hi Seoul brand company, signed technology commercialization MOU with Korea Energy Agency
2000 - 2014
Opened Sympoiesis Hall (started business for humanities convergence education)
Signed technology MOU with the Prima Group of Malaysia
Designated as commercialization-specialized company (by Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
Started Incubation Business by establishing K-Energy and Siliconvalue
Designated as R&D service industry by Ministry of Education and Science Technology, certified as management innovation-type SME
Conducted client satisfaction survey and began providing consulting for public institutions
Participated in 2005 TechMart Vietnam, and designated as civil technology transfer agency by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Signed business agreement with Daedeok Techno Valley’s technology support center
Signed business agreement for Micro Patent Solution provision and service
Launched annex research institute, certified as venture company by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Established TECHNOVALUE, Ltd.
Core Values
Development and dissemination of new knowledge
  • Endeavor to develop valuable and creative knowledge
  • Discover new values from existing knowledge
  • Enhance values in various fields through spread of knowledge
Intellectuals fulfilling social, environmental and economical responsibilities
  • Diligence based on a strong sense of ethics
  • Creativity based on intuition and consilience
  • Expertise through accumulation of wide and great knowledge
  • Professionalism with strong passion and a sense of responsibility
Mutual trust and respect
  • Acknowledgment of diversity and active communication
  • Establishment of culture that values expertise and experience
  • Harmonious growth of both organization and individual
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Career Requirements
Intellectuals fulfilling social, environmental and economical responsibilities
  • Endeavor to develop valuable and creative knowledge
  • Discover new values from existing knowledge
  • Enhance values in various fields through spread of knowledge
Basic Capabilities
Value Providers should be equipped with professional expertise, communication skills, marketing and sales capabilities, leadership and management capabilities required by their positions.
Professional Capability
  • Problem definition & Strategic solving
  • Logical thinking & Structuralization
  • Expertise in a specific area
Communication Capability
  • Writing & Reporting
  • Presentation & Facilitation
CRM / Marketing Capability
  • Relationship with clients & Partners
  • Project finding & Planning
Leadership / Management Capability
  • Leadership & Coaching
  • Time & Risk management
A team of dedicated professionals committed to exceeding your expectations
Director Jiyong Kim
Industry Strategy
  • Assessment of science technology policies and business performance analysis
  • Technology/ industry policy and system research by sector (energy/environment/national defense/disaster management, etc.)
Director Wonsik Seo
  • Client satisfaction survey, client satisfaction consulting
  • Management strategy and organizational strategy
  • Market survey for new business and marketing strategy
Director Hyungoo Kwon
  • Technology commercialization consulting: Technology transfer, BM development, search for new growth engine, and support facilitation of startups
  • Incubation: Support technology commercialization, and promote angel and VC investment
Director Yoonsub Chung
New Business Development
  • Responsible for discovering new plant, solar EPC business and titanium business
  • Research and develop wireless energy transmitter/receiver
Director Gyujin Whang
  • Design/educate/facilitate process for carrying out new business (Design Thinking, Creative Ideation and future business execution process)
  • Technology analysis and strategic thinking-based business/project planning
  • Innovative education and consulting (operational innovation, creative innovation and social value)
Director Hyunseok Lee
Overseas Business
  • In charge of pioneering foreign markets, overall marketing and strategy Disseminate appropriate technology of promising domestic SMEs to foreign countries Explore technology home and abroad and attract R&D/investment
  • Owen Graduate School of Management (OGSM), Vanderbilt, TN, USA
Director Soyoung Choi
EN Center
  • In charge of environment & energy sector, science technology policy research and strategic planning
  • Establish policies and R&D mid-to-long-term plans
  • Pre-planning of national R&D projects and feasibility assessments
Director Joungwook Choi
IM Center
  • Business policy making and R&D project planning
  • Project diversification and business strategic planning
  • New business model development
Director Yoonseok Park
Brave new world of Economic Research Institute
  • Convergence business model development
  • Tech business incubation: Technological perfection of core technology and technical barrier solution